On his seventh birthday in 1970, Emmanuel Angelicas was given a plastic Diana camera by his father. Photography would then and there become his friend and his way to communicate with people and document the environment he lived in.


With a spontaneous and straightforward approach, he wandered around his native Marrickville and recorded the migrant communities and street life. For almost half a century, Angelicas has been capturing images of Marrickville without avoiding it’s darkest facets.


Angelicas’ vast archive is not limited to his signature Marrickville portfolio. He has produced compelling collections from his travels to Thailand, Japan, Greece and Bali as well as hardcore themes and a private collection.


Whether in Marrickville, or beyond, Angelicas’ photographs are a personal account of physical experience. Each time remaining the same photographer, he has created an all-embracing path towards finding balance and harmony.


Emmanuel Angelicas (b. Sydney, 1963) grew up in Marrickville. He was seven years old when he started his first photographic story in square black and whites, documenting his family, friends and neighbourhood. He graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Visual Communication in 1984, and a Post Graduate diploma in Professional Art Studies in 1985. In 1993 he graduated from the University of Sydney with a diploma in Secondary School Education – Visual Art. Managing a chronic illness for more than twenty five years, he is still working in Australia and Bali. His work has been widely collected and exhibited world-wide.




Emmanuel is a co-founder and director of The Australian Museum of Contemporary Photography